I believe everyone has the potential to achieve great things.

My mission is to ignite your thinking process and help you make sustainable plans to use your full potential, so that you can overcome your challenges.

I know the feeling when it seems impossible to focus and think about the right decision to make. 

Or when you have so many options and they all sound good, but you’re still at the starting line and you don’t know which direction to take.

This is when you need a coach: your first supporter, a sparring partner that can help you reflect and find the missing pieces. 

And when it is you realizing what works best, it is much easier to think of concrete and sustainable next steps to achieve your goals. 

I know it is hard to trust someone with your most personal challenges. And trust is something you earn by getting to know the other person. 

I think the best way of getting to know me is reading what my clients say after having worked with me as their coach.

My name is Roberto D’Abrosca and I’m a certified business coach. I’m Italian but I’m based in Finland, where I’ve been living for more than 15 years now. I’m passionate about people’s growth and finding purpose in life. I provide coaching and consulting in English, Finnish and Italian.

I had the priviledge of having Roberto as my coach for two months at a time where I wanted to stop and contemplate on my future. He was more than I hoped for. He nailed it every time. He is an insightful, resourceful coach. At each session he surprised me with his presence and helped me find fresh ideas, fresh points of view, value things that I had neglected. I still go back to the materials created in our sessions.
Education Professional

There are times in life when everyone needs some boost for own career thoughts. Roberto was an excellent coach because he listened, guided, questioned and challenged my thoughts and views. In coaching sessions I could see my own thoughts more clearly and got courage to aim for my own stars. I think it´s good to get honest opinions and feedback. It takes a special type of person to have a good meaningful conversation and to get something out of it too. I really liked Roberto as a career coach because it was easy to be myself and the atmosphere was open and unforced.
Occupational Health Professional

Roberto was my career coacher for 3 months and his work was fantastic. I'd had already couple career coaching sessions in the past, but Roberto went beyond my expectations of time management and success achievement techniques. He listened carefully to my personal needs and my weak points encouraging me to pursue my dreams and overcome my blockers. I definitely recommend his work.
Business Analyst